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coleman tentColeman Sundome® 4-Person Tent

When you go camping, what is the first thing you think to pack? A tent. Shelter is key to camping. Having a good tent can make your outdoor experience that much more pleasant. Having a not so good tent can ruin it in just the same way. If it starts to rain and you don’t have a tent, or you have one that is held together by $0.99 string and a prayer, you are in for a miserable time.



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Product Details:

  • Ground vents and large windows move air up and out of the tent keeping the air fresh
  • Rainfly awning for shade and rain protection
  • Spacious interior, room to move and stretch out
  • WeatherTec(TM) system’s patented welded floors and inverted seams help keep water out
  • Dome design for quick setup, 15 minutes
  • Snag-free, continuous pole sleeves for easy setup
  • Storage pockets keep gear organized

This Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent is built to last. The 9’X7′ floor fits 4 people with ease with enough room to be a full size bed tent. If the weather gets a little wet out the Weathertec System’s patented welded floors and inverted protected seams will keep you dry while you “weather the storm”. This Coleman 4 man tent is designed to move air up and out of the tent by large screened windows and ground vents. If rain is not the problem but the wind sure is, the Insta-Clip pole attachments will handle that issue. The snag-free pole sleeves make sure that you only need to feed your poles 1 time and done. These features have helped in securing the title “best tents for camping”.


First a foremost, camping. Tents and camping are synonymous. Whether you are driving to a campsite, backpacking into the back country, or horseback riding the mountain trails, if you’re camping, you need a good tent. Easy set up tents (and easy to break down). Otherwise you are relying on mother nature to be nice to you. And sometimes she can randomly have a bad day.  And in some extreme cases, a tent can mean the difference between life and death. Sorry to be so dark. But having a good roof over your head and walls to block the cold wind, snow, or rain, can make all the elements bearable. Even camping in good conditions, a tent still provides a nice barrier from other natural things like little critters who wander into your camp site looking for some leftovers. Or bugs looking to crawl where they are not welcomed. With all the benefits to a tent, one of the best ones is that they are just fun use and sleep in. It is not an every day event. So pick this Coleman Sundome tent and make the most out of it.

Backyard sleep outs are another fun use. Every summer I make sure to make a point of setting our tent up in the backyard and sleeping out for a night here and there with my son. They are memories that he will carry throughout life. We make a whole night of it. We make smores in a little fire pit for a while. Then lay out under the stars and try to count them. Then hop in our tent and bundle into the sleeping bags and go to sleep. My son loves it so much that he of course asks if we can do it every weekend. But mean daddy says no most of the time because he wants to keep it a special treat.

Below is a picture of another use that I have found for a tent that makes it one of the best family tents. It makes for a fun play area for my kids. I’m sure you remember being a kid and making forts in the living room with blankets and chairs. But a tent in the living room seems to be a bigger hit some times. My kids like it when I set it up and watch TV while laying down inside of it. They bring all their toys and games inside it for us to play. Don’t ask me why, but the same games and toys they play with on a daily basis are apparently much more fun to play with when you are inside a tent. Of course this only works if you have small children like I do.

livingroom tent









livingroom tent 2









livingroom tent 3
















If you do outdoor sports like rock climbing, backpacking, or packing in by horseback, you will definitely need a tent that is a lightweight backpacking tents. You will already have enough to carry that you need to find ways to cut as much weight where ever you can. I know the horse would appreciate it. This tent is very compact when rolled up. And straps nicely to any overnight pack.

Below is a video overview of the Coleman Sundome® 4-Person Tent. Spend a minute and really get a good look.








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