Portable Projection Screen: Review of Best Choice Products 100″d Tripod Projector


The Best Choice ProductsTripod Projector Screen® 100″d Tripod Portable Projector Projection 16:9 Screen 87×49 with Foldable Stand 1.3, provides the best viewing  platform for all of your multi-media needs. With the easy gliding, scrollable collapsing screen, this portable projection screen is made for easy maneuverability and your mobile needs.Click Here buttonWith the ever growing need for both business and home usage, projector screens serve a multitude of uses. Power point presentation in a board room, teaching a lesson in the classroom, and home theaters settings are just a few of the most common. But with all three, one thing is certain. Easy mobility is key.

The uses also extend to both the indoors as well as the outdoors. A growing popular use is setting up a screen outside, in the front yard or back yard and gathering your children, family, friends, neighbors, and/or extended guests for an outdoor movie night. It was just a few weeks ago, that my long time friend called and said he wanted to have a Disney movie night for all of our kids as well as the neighborhood kids. So I brought my projector and screen over for a fun night under the stars. The adults got to spend some great time in conversation and the kids made a night of it. Here weeks later my son is still talking about it. The uses are endless. What will be yours?

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Product Details:

The best words to hear, “NO assembly required”. Easy to set up. When fully extended, the screen itself measures 49″ X 87″ and 100″ diagonally with a 16:9 screen format. This allows for enhanced and larger imaging. In addition, this screen has high gain matte display for optimal display resolution. The backing is a dense black matte for keeping light from disrupting any viewing. The same matte black material encompasses all 4 corners for the highest contrast. Both the front and back surfaces are made to be easy to clean. Able to wipe off with water and a rag. However, you will not need to clean terribly often since the screen itself is made with an anti-static and anti-acid material to prevent dust build up and mildew free.

The folding tripod is a heavy-duty yet light weight, scratch resistant steel. It is a 10′ stand, that adjusts from 76″-120″, as well, collapses for traveling with an easy to carry handle. 3 locking mechanisms ensure stability when in use.
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Product Benefits:

It used to be that products such as this were expensive and only used in the business setting. But these days it is not so. Prices have come down considerably and in doing so made it more affordable for use in other areas. The benefits of this are vast.

Most classrooms these days are able to have their own projector screens. Allowing kids to have a whole new avenue for learning. The kids that learn better visually, now can. Teachers have another teaching tool at their disposal. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That to me says that a projector screen can be a time saver.
Gaming on a Projector Screen3Gaming is a major industry these days. It is no secret that the gaming world is growing very quickly. Gamers are always looking for any advance to make things more   lifelike. Now they can with having characters almost life size. At the same time this projector screen maintains the high definition quality that is wanted when             playing. So you have the same visual quality but a “much” bigger playing surface. I play video games myself, and one thing is very true. When you play dual players,       the screen size gets cut in half. On a regular screen, this can impede game play. But you give it up for the fun of playing with friends. However, when your screen is           100″ diagonally, your screen size when playing with multiple people, is still plenty big, sure not to interfere with whatever raid you are on.

Home theater systems are sure a big benefit of the portability of a screen this size. Imagine watching the Superbowl, world series, or world cup with the players near     life size. It sure changes the landscape of simply watching TV in your home. The details of every image is heightened. Such an enhanced viewing, if you couple that with a great surround sound system, will create an almost exact movie theater feel.

In my own home, I use a full projector and screen setup for a true man cave. Leather sofas and recliners all aimed right at the center of attention. The game in life size and high definition, with a full Adobe surround sounds system. I will give you a wild guess as to who’s house the big games are held.


There are only 2 components in total that work go into folding up for storage. Both of which are very easy to do. And when broken down and folded up, this unit is very compact and can be stored almost anywhere. In  a closet, garage, attic, basement, or simply under a bed. The screen itself collapses down by rolling up into the base container unit. The stainless steel light weight tripod legs fold up to the main shaft. The shaft itself is telescoping. You lower the main shaft down. Once done, you will turn the screen itself counter clockwise until you make a parallel line with the tripod legs. There is a latch that will keep the unit locked in this position so that you are able to easily pick it up and take it where ever you need to go.

The approximate size of the entire projector screen and tripod collapsed is 6 inches in diameter and 7 feet long. If you stand it up in a corner of a closet somewhere, it will hardly be noticeable or in the way.

So grab this inexpensive addition for your projection needs and start to decide what you will use it for. You never know when the party will be at your house.


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