The best remote control helicopter: The syma x5c explorers full review

Remote-control-helicopter-with-cameraSyma X5C 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Explorers Quad Copter w/ Camera (WHITE, 1)

How cool are remote controlled helicopters that have cameras on them? If you want hours and hours of fun for a very low price, then you have found the right site. The RC advances recently have begun a whole new world of creativity and fun. The syma x5c explorers is a high tech advancement that marvels all. If you want to make a smart investment in your fun life, then read on and learn about the best remote control helicopter on the market. You could be having a new level of fun this coming weekend, and record some new types of video.


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Product Details:

  • Equip with an HD Camera
  • 360o roll, continuous roll for perfect action.
  • Built-in 6 axis gyroscope for precise hovering in the sky
  • Using spread spectrum technology for further remote distance
  • The best anti-interference ability, with the least power consumption.
  • You could fly more helicopters at the same time
  • The reaction speed is 100 times faster than other radio control
  • Various control options for those piloting the X5
  • Easy fluid movements Up Down, Left, Right, Forward, Backward, Leftward flight, Rightward flight.
  • Product Dimensions:5 x 3.5 x 11.8 inches
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • 7V 500mAh LiPO battery
  • USB charging cable
  • 4G Remote Controller
  • 4 Protection frames
  • And Landing skids

All of these features combined make for a very easy to fly machine that one could learn in no time flat. The HD camera Brings a whole new type of footage you can shoot. Aerial shots like you will never believe. Now you can get that action shot that will set you apart from all of the others in your next video. And with the enhanced battery life, you know the helicopter with camera will not die in mid use. Now that you have all of the details you need to know on this beautiful outdoor fun gadget, let’s look at ways to put it into action.

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Let’s face it, no matter how old you are, flying an outdoor remote control helicopter is just plain fun. Do you remember when you were a kid and any kind of remote controlled anything was awesome? When I was a kid, I had an RC car that could flip over and keep running because and was a car on sides. It was awesome! I would run that thing until the battery would die every day. Then as the years went on, RC cars got more advanced. They started making cars that had such fast motors in them that they could go 0 to 80 miles per hour in nothing flat. Then the cool thing was to race these extremely fast cars on new tracks. Now the RC world have left the ground. Remote control helicopters are so much more than just driving something back and forth on the ground. This brings more complications that are fun to master. Now you have to be aware of your elevation and surroundings. Learning to maneuver all three dimensions at once is hours of fun to try and perfect.

Have you ever made a video simply for fun? Maybe you made a school project video, informative tutorial, or wanted to capture a unique event? How much better could those videos have been if they had overhead views. You can also do action moving shots that move with the action from the air. The landscape of home movies has completely changed.

What if you need to view something that is very high up and you don’t have a way to get a ladder to it? Maybe you can get a ladder to it, but it is faster and safer to just fly your remote control helicopter with camera up to it and see what you need to see. Imagine if there was an object blocking your rain gutters but you didn’t know exactly where. You would usually have to get that ladder and climb up and look in. But you will probably not hit the right spot on the first try. So you have to get down, reposition the ladder in a different spot, and climb back up and check. Then repeat this process until you find the obstruction. Wouldn’t it be easier (and more fun) to get out the ol chopper and fly around the perimeter of the house until you find the blockage. This is just one trivial example, but I think you get the point.

Just last week, I used my helicopter with camera to spy on a menacing bird that kept eating all of the new Kio fish I keep having to plant in our pond. I kept trying to walk out of the house and see where it would land and eat from so I could set a trap, but every time I stepped out of the house, it would fly away and I never got to see where from. I tried sitting in a hidden location very still and quiet. I wanted to wait for it to return and catch it in the act, but that didn’t work either. It must have smelled me or seen me or something because no matter how long I waited, it would never come back. But as soon as I wised up and used the rc quadcopter with camera, I was able to sneak up on that thieving bugger and get the info I needed.

What will be next:

There is no doubt in my mind that just as it was with the last RC car craze, the same high speed and obstacle racing events will be popping up all over. But this will be majorly different. The obstacles will be greater and the tricks will be more spectacular. You should start mastering the high flying arts now and get a leg up on some of the competition. Watch some of these people who have already done that.


You might think that with all the technology and designing that goes into making one of these things, that the price to own one yourself would be a little extravagant. Not so. The pricing varies greatly. They start around $30 for the low end and go up as high as the thousands. But those are more for governmental and extreme competition uses.

The syma rc helicopter is usually in the mid range pricing. However, it is greatly discounted right now. While supplies last, you can pick up the helicopter that Amazon has reviewed as the best remote control helicopter for only a fraction of the price.

Retail Price: $197.99
Current Price: $50.99

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