Water Vapor Cigarette: Electric Cigarette Machine in Review

vapor penAn electronic cigarette or vapor pen is a battery-powered device which is filled with liquid nicotine which is dissolved in a solution of propylene glycol and water. Lots of them bear a resemblance to real cigarettes with a brown filter, white cylindrical tube and a red glowing tip. Some are available in less noticeable, darker colors.

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How Do E-Cigs Work?

Regularly referred to as vaping, when one takes a puff on the e cig cartridges end, the nicotine is heated up a battery, thereby creating a vapor which is then inhaled into the lungs. The outcome is a smoke sensation in one’s lungs and mouth without really smoking. It is simply a harmless water vapor cigarette.

The Benefits of Smoking Vapor Pens/Electronic Cigarettes

Different from tobacco products, there isn’t any law that prohibits smoking e-cigs in public places. Below are the benefits of smoking e-cigarettes.

  • According to a study involving 40 tobacco dependent smokers, researchers discovered that vapor pens help with Smoking cessation. They are also well-tolerated and pharmacologically more similar to Nicorette inhalers than tobacco.
  • In 2010, researchers conducted an online survey which involved the polling visitors of sites plus discussion forums that are dedicated to smoking cessation and the use of e-cigarette. Out of the 3,587 participants, 70% were former smokers and 61% were men. The median age of the participants was 41 years. On average, the participants used e-cigs for nearly 3 months, used 5 cartridges per day and drew 120 puffs per day. Nearly all participants used cartridges which contained nicotine. Ninety two percent said that electronic cigarettes helped them smoke less where as 96% managed to quit smoking with the help of e-cigarettes. The biggest percentage of participants confessed that e-cigs helped them to fight cravings, deal with withdraw symptoms in addition to helping them to prevent relapsing on cigarettes.
  • Basing on the current research, there isn’t any evidence which suggests that the vapor which is produced by a vapor pen is harmful to users and/or bystanders as it is the case with ordinary cigarette smoke. Scientific studies suggest that nicotine is just the addictive agent in cigarettes; however, it isn’t the cigarette substance responsible for killing people.
  • Electronic cigarettes look and feel like real/traditional cigarettes. Furthermore, many of them are available with pre-filled cartridges, thereby eliminating any worries regarding messy refills.
  • The other benefits of vapor pens include: longer life span, great customization, variety of tastes, e cigarette flavors, and electronic cigarette liquid supply, smoother delivery of nicotine, and so on.

The method that you choose for your smoking cessation process simply depends on your personal preference. Keeping this in mind, many people approach it by doing everything that it takes to attain success as long as it’s safe. Get in touch with your doctor and ask him/her about the various smoking cessation aids; for instance: quit smoking support groups, nicotine replacement therapy, quit smoking medications as well as educational material. If you choose to try e-cigs, first do your homework and also talk to your doctor. Make sure you get a clear understanding of the pros, the cons and the safety concerns regarding electronic cigarettes before making your final decision. The most essential thing to keep in mind is that, regardless of how you choose to handle (proceed with) it, deciding to quit smoking is one of the best decisions of your life.

Difference between an e-cig and a vapor pen




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An e-cig is an electronic cigarette, a personal vaporizer or an Electronic Nicotine Delivery system device. They are used as the traditional cigar although they don’t burn. They contain nicotine solution also referred to as e juice that converts into vapor as the user vapes.

The vape pen is a type of e-cigarette, that vapes great and gives a longer time of vaping period compared to the e-cigs. The most popular vape pen is the ego vape starter kit. They are easily portable, small in size, cost efficient, and long lasting compared to the e-cigs.

The types of electronic vapor cigarette

1. Mini or the cig-a-like
This is best for first time users who intend to quit smoking the traditional tobacco cigar. Minis provide a natural and easy way of transitioning because they feel and look like the ordinary cigarette. This is why they are referred to as cig-a-like. They are normally small, light in weight and comfortable for discreet users to get a fix of nicotine. Minis are popular among many cigar producing businesses today. They are available in disposable and rechargeable formats. The popular series include 501 and KR808 series mostly preferred by brands such as V2 and Green smoke.

2. APVs or Mods
These are advanced Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems or mods that provide the ultimate vaping experience to users. The APVs normally look like fat tube redolent of a flashlight or ’boxmod’’, typical of the normal cigar box. The APVs have a higher performance enhanced by larger batteries and highly customizable functions allowing the user to fully control the aspects of the device. The APVs are however not recommended for beginners because of its intricate nature. They are manually operated and abit complex for first time users. These brands are manufactured by Apollo, Volcano, Vapor Fi, Henley and many more Companies.

3. Mid-Size E-cigarettes and vapor pens
These Mid-size models are the best choice for intermediate users because of their relatively small size and the strong vaping effect. They also have an extended battery life to take the user for a couple of hours. Their stronger vaping effect makes them suitable for heavier smokers since they are better satisfying than a mini. The popular models include EVOD, eGo, kGo and others. Most of these models are manually operated unlike the minis which are automated. The mid-size cigar is good enough to help the user ceases smoking the traditional cigar. The “eGo” is the most popular mid-sized brand offered by various companies producing e-cigs and “vape pens.” These Companies include, Hallo, Apollo, Volcano and the Vapor Fi.

The e-cigarettes are rapidly increasing in the market with several businesses joining the industry. Both the e-cigs and the vape pens are better health wise compared to the traditional cigars. They provide a sweet vaping experience with a sense of class. They are the recommended inventions to help the traditional smokers quit smoking the tobacco cigarette. The sale of the e-cigarettes were reported a higher increase between 2012 and 2014 especially with the introduction of new brands such as the V2, Apollo, Hallo and the south Beach Smoke.

Electronic Cigarettes Reviews


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E-cigarettes are considered a welcome, safer alternative to the conventional cigarettes due to their innovative features, such as no-smoke, no-carcinogen, no-passive smoking, and no-fire. E-cigarettes are believed to be the ideal solution for traditional smoking without its ill effects.

E-Cigs resemble the conventional cigarettes both in function and appearance except that they can be slightly longer and might resemble a ball point pen or an elongated tube. They are battery operated devices providing measured quantity of nicotine for inhalation, hence the name. It is also called the vapour cigarette.

Smoking Cessation has been known to be no easy task, but the e-cigs changed that completely.As against the cigarette, no tobacco is used, no fire hence no smoke, only nicotine vapour is inhaled by the smoker, unpleasant odour is absent, passive smoking is avoided, no plaque or tar and more importantly the ingredients used in the e-cigarettes are non-carcinogenic. Carcinogenic ingredients in traditional cigarettes are responsible for causing lung cancer. These are reusable devices in the sense that they can be replaced with spare parts, there are also disposable models of e-cigarettes.

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For non-smokers, few things can be as disturbing as having to put up with someone sitting next to you who is blowing smoke in your face. Not only does it leave all of your clothing smelling like smoke for days, but it is also unhealthy. Numerous studies have shown how harmful second hand smoking can be. With these cigars, you can now do away with this smoke and smell.

The reason for this is because with regular combustion, carbon monoxide is usually released which is dangerous. Another benefit of the vaporizers is that just minimal smoke is released to the lungs thus you remain healthy despite your smoking habits.Research scientists have shown that by using these gadgets you get to cut the risk of developing cancer by over 50%.

Vaporizers are preferred by people who want to experience the satisfaction that comes with smoking but don’t want to incur the harmful effects of smoking.The pen is similar to a fountain pen thus its name.

For the e-cig to produce the vapor to be inhaled, the product is burnt within its chamber. For you to derive maximum satisfaction, it’s paramount that you go for a pen that will be able to vaporize a number of products.

Recently the use of these pens has greatly increased. The increase in the use of the gadgets has been brought about by the benefits that come with vaping. Research has shown that vaping is much safer than regular combustion when quitting smoking.


The following are some of the advantages of pen vaporizers:

-Aids in smoking cessation, benefiting health of the being
-Trouble free and easy to carry
-Ensures that the user stays combustion free
-Helps in leading a more active standard of living
-Enormously discreet, fast and simple to use
-The battery used in making the pens is durable and has a long life
-Also, these can be re-filled which is an advantageous feature
-Different e cigarette flavors
These vaporizer pens are not only for the smokers. Also, the persons who like tasting different flavors, they can also try them and these e cigarette flavors can add a jump to their excitement. A non-smoker can also check out the different flavors, but for trying these amazing flavors you require a vaporizer pen. Some of the widely used flavors these days are the banana bread, pineapple, orange cream, honey dew etc.

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Over the the turn of the decade, e-cigarettes (commonly referred to as vape pipes/pens) have grown to dominate a considerable part of the Western Market, particularly in places such as the U.K, Canada, and evidently the United States. E-cigs have grown to become a billion dollar industry, racking up $1.7 billion in annual sales as of 2014, and expected to hit $10 billion by 2017. Hookah bars and vaping parlors have sprung up considerably in the past couple of years, and have proven extremely profitable and appealing to a variety of audiences.

With such an up rise in demand, you may think that vape pens would be more costly than traditional cigarettes in the short run (if not the long run). And you would be pleasantly mistaken. Let’s do some simple math here: in Texas, a pack of Malboros averaged at about $6.50 a pack (in the summer of 2013 it was a whopping$7.20 a pack). an average of $0.33 per cigarette, which is downed in about 3-5 minutes, so when the cost of smoking is calculated at a smoke/minute, it costs a mean of $0.08 to smoke per minute. Pretty cheap.

Let’s apply the same process with e-cigs: in Texas, a pack of 10 Mistic rechargeable e-cig cartridges costs just under $6.00, with each cartridge lasting about 300 draws, the same amount as as 2 packs/40 cigarettes. This means the rechargeable pack is the same as 400 cigarettes , and it would equal to about $0.015 to smoke per cigarette, meaning that about 2.6 minutes of smoking time would equal the cost of 1 cent. Dirt cheap.

Now, of course there’s the cost of a starter kit,so lets factor that in. The Mistic starter kit costs $14.99 (which comes with 2 cartridges) , so it costs 2.3 packs of traditional cigarettes to buy the starter pack, but the fact is that in the long run, e-cigs would be more financially preferable than traditional cigs. The best part is that you don’t compromise quality or feel with the e-cigs: it feels all natural and can have no nicotine and tobacco if so desired. Why wouldn’t you pick up a water vapor cigarette?

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